lisa la pelle offers handmade jewellery
made with passion and by using leather
basic designs combined with the right materials to define yourself
improving awareness and creating positive and proud feelings
see for yourself if lisa la pelle suits you

necklace – mini eye on you

Enjoy the little things in life.
You don’t need to much to feel happy.
This necklace keeps an subtle eye on your happiness.
Wear it with proud and feel loved.

€ 55,- / € 57,50 / € 60,-

necklace – leaf mini me

Remind the positive memories.
Let go of obstacles that don’t make you grow.
With this necklace, make room for new beautiful days and seasons.

€ 55,- / € 57,50 / € 60,-

necklace – half moon (new)

You are the moonlight in your life.
Sometimes you’re full of light.
Some days you have to step back and take good care of yourself.

€ 55,- / € 57,50 / € 60,-

necklace lovedrop - lisa la pelle - gold

necklace – my first lovedrop

In touch with your heart is a must.
This necklace reminds you of who you are
and what is important in life.
Wear it with proud and be loved.

€ 55,- / € 57,50 / € 60,-

confetti necklace - lisa la pelle

necklace – confetti

Every day can bring a reason to celebrate something.
With this basic but stylish necklace,
you can add confetti to these moments.
Whenever you need it, feel that confetti joy.

€ 52,50 / € 55,- / € 57,50

necklace lovedrop small - classy blue

necklace – little lovedrop

Drop a little love around you.
Do it every day and you will be loved.
Just a little can be enough.

€ 52,50 / € 55,- / € 57,50