how it’s made…

The earrings are designed to complete you and your styling.
The designs are striking but meant to complement your face.
Shapes and colours are all inspired by love and nature.
After the search for the right leather and jewellery findings (in The Netherlands and abroad), I start producing.
I love both of these processes by the way. The search part feels like being in a candy store.
You can’t eat it all but choosing is absolutely a luxury problem.
At the actual creation I always feel excitement.
Does the idea that I had in mind together with the actual material choice become real when I complete the product?
Sometimes I feel butterflies in the end.
Sometimes it ends with a frowning face and I will start all over again.

The leather get’s punched to the right design. Finishing the backside and edges with a small scissor or knife.
After that, the leather edges are coated. All these steps are done by hand, in our studio.  

Then choosing the right ear wire that will last. And finally designing the right package to make unwrapping this gift a real treat et voila.

Let Lisa la Pelle make your day!